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Additional Children's Activities

Here are some ideas for you to do with your child(ren) to enhance their learning - have fun!

They could bring their creations or photos into preschool for ‘show and tell’ time too

Humpty Dumpty Pre- School

All About Me

A few Extra Activities to try at home – Have Fun!

All about Me

There are lots of fun ideas at the Pre School Express Why not give some a go? There’s a whole variety of ideas there – art, games, snacks, music, language and science.

Where I Live

There are lots of craft ideas on DLTK Many of them are crafts you can print out and make.

How about making a junk model of your home – the bigger the better!

Take a walk around your neighbourhood and look at the different houses and other buildings. Take photos of where you live, print out and make a collage or a map.

How do I move

We all move in so many different ways – play games together each taking it in turns to choose how you move across a room, garden or other outdoor space. Animal actions can be fun – you could make the noises too!

Take your child to a variety of places so that they get to move across different surfaces at different levels.

At the park if they can climb equipment independently then they are old enough to do it.....don’t be tempted to move them upwards too quickly!

You could also try swimming.....or go out splashing in puddles or the sea


Not such an easy one!  Young children are still trying to get to grips with feelings – their own and others’. Books are a great way to help them understand. There are plenty at the library based on animals as well as people. Some children’s programmes are good at showing feelings too – especially the faces on Thomas the Tank Engine and his friends.

Be willing to show your own feelings to help them understand – in role play it can be helpful to exaggerate this J

You could make pictures of faces together – start with happy and sad and then add in other expressions as you are able. You could use dry pasta shapes to make a face or use a paper plate. If you need help to get started then visit DLTK at

Talk to your child about what makes them feel happy, sad, angry etc Also help them to think about what makes other people feel that way.

Family & Pets

Draw a picture of your family and your pets if you have any.

For those who don’t have pets maybe talk about your favourite pet animals, how they would need looking after....perhaps visit a friend or relative who has a pet.

Maybe try and create a simple family tree to include relatives familiar to them – you could use Duplo or Playmobil people and take a photo – or draw it out together using stick people.  Use it to help your child understand that ‘Granny’ is your Mum and so on.

For a pdf copy click here

Learning letter sounds:

Click here to download the Jolly Phonics Actions

Click here to listen to letter sounds

Here are a few activity sheets which we’ve put together to help you to help your child to have fun learning new skills with you

For a scissor skill activity sheet click here

For Mark Making ideas click here

For Stories and Books guide click here

For a cooking activities click here

For the Puzzle Challenge click here

For fun with numbers click here

For fun with shapes click here