Humpty Dumpty Pre-School is a member of the Pre-School Alliance and is registered with the Charity Commission for England and Wales. Registered No: 1027798.

The Scout Hut

Eastfield Lane



BH24 1UR

Tel: 07941 105473 (9.15am - 12.45pm)

It’s the Summer - Yaaay!

Please note that the hall will be closed on Thursday 5th July 2018. This is the date of our Big Day Out!

Arrival Time

Children are encouraged to follow basic routines.  These include recognising and finding their own name card, changing library books, putting their coats and bags away tidily and exploring the show and tell table.  They are then involved in free play activities related to the weekly theme.  These may include puzzles, modelling dough, painting, role-play and craft.  All children are encouraged to play indoors and outdoors (weather permitting).

When all children are present and settled they will discuss that day's theme and the children will be given the opportunity to discuss the items on the show and tell table as well as their WOW obs sheets. (Click to download)

Snack Time

Children sit together at the table for snack time and enjoy their snack time with their teachers.  They share the fruit /vegetables that have been brought in and water or milk.  We find that this is an ideal opportunity to reinforce numeracy and literacy through fun activities that the children enjoy, such as counting out the required number of cups or tracing their names on their own name cards.  

Stories and Music

The children enjoy story and music time together.  They are encouraged to join in with well known favourite songs and learn new ones through repetition.

A typical morning at Humpty Dumpty Pre-School

Lunch Club

Children who are staying to lunch club wash their hands and help lay the table for lunch.  They sit together and enjoy their packed lunches.  This session gives them the opportunity to discuss their morning and reinforces key values and social skills.

N.B. Please avoid putting fish or nuts in your child’s lunchbox as others may be severely allergic to them